Nature is my craft room. Where do you Quiltster?
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Experience Quiltster!

Discover the secret to quilting with confidence! Quiltster lets you personalize patterns with the fabric of your choice, gives you accurate yardage calculations and lets you see the look of your finished quilt before buying supplies! See subscription options.

Quiltster was created by a quilting family. Judy Niemeyer of Quiltworx.com, along with her three children, combined their unique skills and industry knowledge to bring you a tool our customers say they “can’t quilt without!” Learn more about our story here.

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These quilt color schemes and designs were created with Quiltster.

How It Works

Quiltster is fun, easy to use, and accessible to all quilters!

It's Simple

With an easy-to-use point and click interface, and a completely visual design platform, users can instantly add fabrics to their favorite layout in minutes.

Not Just Fabrics

With Quiltster, not only can you audition fabrics, but audition units as well. For select patterns, you can interchange blocks within a layout to make your own unique quilt design.

Easy Buying

Quiltster makes it easy to purchase. Just click the BUY NOW button and all necessary pattern components to construct your project will be added to your account and shipped directly to you!

Quilting Everywhere

No matter what you’re using or where you are, we want Quiltster to work for you. Use your desktop, mobile device, scanner, or digital camera and see your own fabric directly in your quilt!