Mixer Patterns: Next Level Quilt Planning

Are you ready to create a quilt that will make your friends socks roll up and down?! It’s true that Quiltster let’s you choose fabric but Mixer Patterns let you choose your own block designs from a series of predesigned block options.  How do Mixer Patterns Work? Mixer patterns offer a series of pre-designed, interchangeable

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Inspect Window & Error Codes

When issues are reported to customer support, the first thing we do is try to replicate it. This is why we want to know which device you were using, which browser you were using, which project you were working on, which buttons you clicked, and so on. In some cases, we may not be able

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Quiltster to Quilt by J. Kunkel

Quiltster member and pattern designer partner, Jackie Kunkel from Canton Village Quilt Works, colored this beautiful rendition of the Dragon Star pattern to showcase her collection, Feline Fine. Quilt Planner Image Finished Quilt Project Details

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Quiltster to Quilt by C. Calloway

Quiltster member, C. Calloway customized the Dinner Plate Dahlia quilt pattern in the Quilt Planner. This pattern is a Quiltworx Technique of the Month. Quilt Planner Image Finished Quilt Project Details Pattern: Dinner Plate Dahlia Fabric Collections: Mixture of several from the Fabric Stash!

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Quiltster to Quilt by Deborah B.

Quiltster member, Deborah B., created a unique colorway for the Fire Island Hosta Quilt. This particular project was created to showcase at Quilt Market in 2019. Quilt Planner Image Finished Quilt Project Details Quilt Pattern: Fire Island Hosta by Quiltworx Fabric Collections: Fresh Solids from Camelot Fabrics and Mixology from Camelot Fabrics

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Downloadable Patterns

Once purchased, downloadable patterns will be made available in your account. You can find them under orders. Here’s how: Visit your Account Page Click Orders Then click open the order Click Download to download your pattern to your computer. Happy Quiltstering!

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Project ID

The project ID number can be helpful when posing questions to customer service. This number is located in the details panel. Open your project. Click Details. The Project ID number is at the top. Happy Quiltstering!

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How to Upload Fabric from a Smartphone

Using a mobile device to upload fabric into your Quiltster account is easy because you can take a picture with your mobile device, crop it and upload it all using your phones features. *Not all smartphones have the same features so you will need to look at your phones photo options to see if you

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Become a Marketplace Seller

Grow your business as a Seller in the Marketplace! The Quiltster Marketplace offers a unique selling opportunity with use of the Quilt Planner. This coloring tool allows you to plan out kits using fabric from your shop and approve the final look before posting it as a kit for sale. However, you are not limited

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How to Upload Fabric

Uploading your personal fabric stash into your Quiltster account is quick and easy!   Pro Tip: If you know the SKU, check the fabric stash first to see if it’s already in Quiltster.  If so, click the little heart to save it to your favorites!   In the Quilt Planner, visit the Fabric Stash Click “Create New

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