Navigating Quiltster

How to determine if you are accessing the Digital Quilt Planner from the Marketplace or the Preview Only sections.

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Cancel Auto-Renew Subscription Payments

To prevent the auto-renew payment from processing, click the “Cancel Subscription” button on your account page PRIOR to the renewal date.  Your account will stay open for the remainder of the current billing period and when the renewal date approaches, instead of renewing, your account will close and no further charges will occur. For example:Let’s

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Topic Requests!

Join us for the Cozy Up with Quiltster live demonstration series on Facebook where you can learn about the program, ask questions and just have some fun! We want to know your burning questions! Tell us the top 3 things you are most excited to learn about and we’ll add them to the demonstrations. Follow

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Quilt Shops Open for Business!

Support your local Quilt Shops! While most of us stay inside due to shelter-in-place or other social distancing restrictions, we want to make sure we are holding up our communities wherever possible! These Quilt Shops have let us know they are open for business and in what capacity. Help me spread the word in letting

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Add a Shop to the List

Quilting Business Listing - Yes, We're Open!

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Quiltworx Block of the Month 2019

When you sign up for Quiltworx’ block of the month you get a discount on a Quiltster subscription.  Monthly subscriptions $10 off or the first month free. Annual subscriptions get $15 off the first year. HOW TO GET YOUR COUPONS Sign up through a participating shop. Find one near you! Sign up with Quiltworx for $75

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How to Subscribe for One Month at a Time

Whether you just want to try Quiltster for one or two months or if you’re focused on sewing the last Quiltster project for a while, it is very easy to subscribe and unsubscribe as you see fit. Become a Quiltster Member The first step is to subscribe to the Monthly plan. A payment of $9.99

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Quiltster to Quilt

Every quilt has a story, the best ones begin with Quiltster.  #TellYourStory at Pattern: Negative Space by Cindi McCracken Designs.  Fabric: Beaujolais by Island Batik. Pattern: Starlight Pathway by Cindi McCracken Designs.  Fabric: Petals and Vines designed by Cindi McCracken for Hoffman California Fabrics. Pattern: Desert Wildflowers by Cindi McCracken Pattern: Cactus Rose by

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Trouble Logging In?

Are you having trouble logging into Quiltster?  There are several reasons why this may be happening.  Below are the most common login issues members have reported along with solutions.  Find answers to: I can’t get past the Log In page. My login or password is invalid. I can’t get past the Log In page. Here

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How to Update Your Credit Card

Did you get a new credit card because your old one expired or perhaps your puppy thought it was a chew toy? Not to worry! Adding or editing your credit card information is simple! Here are the three easy steps! Log into 2. Click “My Account” on the main menu. (top left corner). 3.

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