Quiltster to Quilt

Every quilt has a story, the best ones begin with Quiltster.  #TellYourStory at Quiltster.com. Pattern: Negative Space by Cindi McCracken Designs.  Fabric: Beaujolais by Island Batik. Pattern: Starlight Pathway by Cindi McCracken Designs.  Fabric: Petals and Vines designed by Cindi McCracken for Hoffman California Fabrics. Pattern: Desert Wildflowers by Cindi McCracken Pattern: Cactus Rose by

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Pattern Play with Mixers!

It’s play-time!  Incorporate more fun into your day by creating your own quilt layout! Mixer patterns offers pre-designed, interchangeable block options to mix and match so you can tell your story with a unique layout all your own.  Kids aren’t the only ones who get to have fun with shapes and colors! In this blog, you

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3 Quilt Planning Tips for Beginners!

3 Quilt Planning Tips for Beginners: This is the year you will manifest your quilting dreams! We are going to help get you started the right way. Before you ever touch a sewing machine, you have to have a plan, right?  You’ve probably read several articles about what to do or what tools to get

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Give the Gift of Quiltster

Give the Gift of Quiltster!  Share your love of quilting by getting your friend or family member this fun, easy to use, modern quilt planning tool for Christmas! Or, casually send the link to a loved one to hint at what you want for your special day! Purchase Gift Subscriptions There are 4 packages to

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Don’t Guess. Quiltster!

Have you ever wished you could see the look of your finished quilt before purchasing supplies or cutting fabric?   Introducing, Quiltster, a revolutionary online quilt planning tool. It’s a new way to quilt, a new way to create, and because it’s mobile friendly, it’s a way to take quilting with you wherever you go.   Quiltster

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Colorway Inspiration

Need a little inspiration for your next quilt?  Here are some amazing pictures to help get your creative juices flowing! Share your inspirational colorway photos with us on Facebook, tag @Quiltster and use hashtag #ColorwayInspiration!

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Quiltster, an online quilt planning tool!

Quiltster lets you create colorways and layouts online so you can see the look of your finished quilt before buying supplies or cutting fabric!  Choose Your Plan: $9.99 per month $99 per year, which gives you two months free! Subscribe Today! Here is how this quilt story came to life in just a few easy

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Fabric Companies

Quiltster’s Fabric Stash is your virtual collection, available to audition anytime you get a color craving! We’re happy to house thousands of swatches from your favorite fabric manufacturers from across the country.  Select collections from each of the companies listed below have been loaded into Quiltster for use in your next quilt project. Like most

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Mariner’s Compass Block Change

We have improved the Mariner’s Compass templates in Quiltster! In order to better match the actual pattern, we have changed the background units that fall behind the outer rope. Previously, when the block was selected, all three sections were automatically colored the same.  Now, all three sections may be colored individually!  This change will automatically display for

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