Quilt Shops Open for Business!

Support your local Quilt Shops! While most of us stay inside due to shelter-in-place or other social distancing restrictions, we want to make sure we are holding up our communities wherever possible! These Quilt Shops have let us know they are open for business and in what capacity. Help me spread the word in letting

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Quiltworx Block of the Month 2019

When you sign up for Quiltworx’ block of the month you get a discount on a Quiltster subscription.  Monthly subscriptions $10 off or the first month free. Annual subscriptions get $15 off the first year. HOW TO GET YOUR COUPONS Sign up through a participating shop. Find one near you! Sign up with Quiltworx for $75

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Quiltster to Quilt

Every quilt has a story, the best ones begin with Quiltster.  #TellYourStory at Quiltster.com. Pattern: Negative Space by Cindi McCracken Designs.  Fabric: Beaujolais by Island Batik. Pattern: Starlight Pathway by Cindi McCracken Designs.  Fabric: Petals and Vines designed by Cindi McCracken for Hoffman California Fabrics. Pattern: Desert Wildflowers by Cindi McCracken Pattern: Cactus Rose by

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Pattern Play with Mixers!

It’s play-time!  Customize your own quilt layout with Mixers1 Mixer patterns offer a series of pre-designed, interchangeable block options that you can mix and match to create a custom layout all your own.   Mixer Patterns Cattail Mixer Queen Cattail Mixer Wall Hanging Cattail Mixer Wall Quilt Congo Star Mixer Hosta Wall Quilt Mixer Kaleidoscope Mixer

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3 Quilt Planning Tips for Beginners!

3 Quilt Planning Tips for Beginners: This is the year you will manifest your quilting dreams! We are going to help get you started the right way. Before you ever touch a sewing machine, you have to have a plan, right?  You’ve probably read several articles about what to do or what tools to get

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3 FUN Ways to Use Quiltster

3 FUN Ways to Use Quiltster Plan before you buy! Choose that pattern you’ve been eyeing and create a colorway you love before you purchase materials!        2. Fabric shopping 2.0! On your next trip to your local quilt shop, snap pictures of fabrics you enjoy, then find a spot in-store or grab

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