Request a Fabric

Looking for a specific fabric but can’t find it?  Let us know which collection you need and we will put it in the publishing queue! Requested collections will be published to the Fabric Stash where it will be available to all subscribers to use in the Quilt Planner.  Please understand that these requests may take

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How to Upload Fabric from a Smartphone

Using a mobile device to upload fabric into your Quiltster account is easy because you can take a picture with your mobile device, crop it and upload it all using your phones features. *Not all smartphones have the same features so you will need to look at your phones photo options to see if you

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How to Upload Fabric

Uploading your personal fabric stash into your Quiltster account is quick and easy!   Pro Tip: If you know the SKU, check the fabric stash first to see if it’s already in Quiltster.  If so, click the little heart to save it to your favorites!   In the Quilt Planner, visit the Fabric Stash Click “Create New

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Tips for Uploading Fabric

The fabric uploader is one of the highlights of the Quilt Planner. Remember all that fabric stashed in the guest room? Put it all into your Quiltster account so you know what you have when planning projects. There are three methods: Take a picture with a smartphone or tablet. Scan the fabric. Find an image

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How to Create a New Project in the Quilt Planner