Cancel Auto-Renew Subscription Payments

To prevent the auto-renew payment from processing, click the “Cancel Subscription” button on your account page PRIOR to the renewal date.  Your account will stay open for the remainder of the current billing period and when the renewal date approaches, instead of renewing, your account will close and no further charges will occur. For example:Let’s

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How to Subscribe for One Month at a Time

Whether you just want to try Quiltster for one or two months or if you’re focused on sewing the last Quiltster project for a while, it is very easy to subscribe and unsubscribe as you see fit. Become a Quiltster Member The first step is to subscribe to the Monthly plan. A payment of $9.99

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How to Update Your Credit Card

Did you get a new credit card because your old one expired or perhaps your puppy thought it was a chew toy? Not to worry! Adding or editing your credit card information is simple! Here are the three easy steps! Log into 2. Click “My Account” on the main menu. (top left corner). 3.

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How to Cancel Your Subscription

We hope you stick around but if you need a break, click "Cancel Subscription" until you need it again. We'll be here waiting for you!

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