Create Your Dream Stash! New Features!

We’ve all been there. We’re walking through a quilt shop desperately wanting to bring home every beautiful bolt we see!  Quiltster makes it possible to not only bring home every fabric you love, but now you can find a specific swatch easier than before and get to planning your next quilt a lot faster!  Check out

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Tips for Uploading Fabric

Before you start: Check the Fabric Stash! Use the search field in the Fabric Stash to see if your fabric is already in Quiltster! Here is a video and blog post about these features. 2. Prepare your swatch! Grab your iron and get to pressing!  Remove all creases, wrinkles, thread, pet fur, etc. from your swatch.

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Fabric Stash

Quiltster’s Fabric Stash is your virtual collection!  Now you can have access to thousands of swatches anytime, anywhere!   Inside the Fabric Stash you will find over 65 preloaded fabric collections from industry leaders such as Timeless Treasures, Hoffman, Island Batik, Moda and more!  Like most quilters, we never have enough fabric in our stash!  We’re

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