How to Upload Fabric from a Smartphone

Using a mobile device to upload fabric into your Quiltster account is easy because you can take a picture with your mobile device, crop it and upload it all using your phones features. *Not all smartphones have the same features so you will need to look at your phones photo options to see if you

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Become a Marketplace Seller

Grow your business as a Seller in the Marketplace! The Quiltster Marketplace offers a unique selling opportunity with use of the Quilt Planner. This coloring tool allows you to plan out kits using fabric from your shop and approve the final look before posting it as a kit for sale. However, you are not limited

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How to Upload Fabric

Uploading your personal fabric stash into your Quiltster account is quick and easy!   Pro Tip: If you know the SKU, check the fabric stash first to see if it’s already in Quiltster.  If so, click the little heart to save it to your favorites!   In the Quilt Planner, visit the Fabric Stash Click “Create New

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How to Reinstate Your Old Account

You may have subscribed for one or two billing cycles to play with the Quilt Planner, as you needed it, and then cancelled. Now you are ready to come back and plan your next project, but what about the projects you started before? We’re going to show you step-by-step how to reinstate your previous Quiltster

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How and Why to Hard Refresh.

Have you heard us or anyone say, “Do a hard reload, then try again”? If you’re not sure how to do that, we’ll explain how to do it and why it’s important. What does it mean to hard reload and clear cache? When you visit a web page, your browser stores a copy of that

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How to Cancel Recurring Subscription Billing

Quiltster is a subscription based program with two subscription options; monthly and annual. The monthly subscription automatically renews every 30 days. The annual subscription automatically renews every 12 months. The subscriptions are set up so you can manage your own account by cancelling and resubscribing as you see fit! This article shows you how to

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Topic Requests! What would you like to see in the next demo?

Join us for free, live tutorials on Facebook! Every week we will take a tour of the Marketplace, demonstrate how to use the Quilt Planner and answer your questions to ensure you have all the tools you need to let go and have fun creating quilts! Ask questions or request a demonstration of a feature,

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Quiltworx Block of the Month 2019

Quiltworx is offering their first ever Block of the Month program featuring the Candy Coated Snowflakes pattern! Sign up through a participating shop!  Click here to find one near you! When you sign up for Quiltworx’ block of the month you get a discount on a Quiltster subscription.  Monthly subscriptions $10 off or the first month

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How to Subscribe for One Month at a Time

Whether you just want to try Quiltster for one or two months or if you’re focused on sewing the last Quiltster project for a while, it is very easy to subscribe and unsubscribe as you see fit. Become a Quiltster Member The first step is to subscribe to the Monthly plan. A payment of $9.99

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How to Create a New Project in the Quilt Planner