How to Update Your Credit Card

Did you get a new credit card because your old one expired or perhaps your puppy thought it was a chew toy? Not to worry! Adding or editing your credit card information is simple! Here are the three easy steps! 1. Visit your account page in the top right corner of the screen. 2. Go

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Mixer Patterns: Next Level Quilt Planning

Are you ready to create a quilt that will make your friends socks roll up and down?! It’s true that Quiltster let’s you choose fabric but Mixer Patterns let you choose your own block designs from a series of predesigned block options.  How do Mixer Patterns Work? Mixer patterns offer a series of pre-designed, interchangeable

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How to Cancel Your Subscription

We hope you stick around but if you need a break, click "Cancel Subscription" until you need it again. We'll be here waiting for you!

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Tips for Uploading Fabric

The fabric uploader is one of the highlights of the Quilt Planner. Remember all that fabric stashed in the guest room? Put it all into your Quiltster account so you know what you have when planning projects. There are three methods: Take a picture with a smartphone or tablet. Scan the fabric. Find an image

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How to Create a New Project in the Quilt Planner